torsdag 15 november 2012

EMBALMED "Exalt The Imperial Beast"

Mexico is a hotbed for crazy bands with no boundaries when it comes to create insane music. Embalmed is a good example of insane music with no intentions to be melodic or catchy. I am sucker for this kind of music, since it is some kind of deranged sense in my mind which comes to life when listening to it. Embalmed is a perfect mixture of a more primitive early Angelcorpse and Bestial Warlust, combined with a little hint of Black Witchery. Every song sounds almost as the one before, the chords and rhythm patterns are pretty identical, but for the diehards, that´s a good thing if the production does the music justice. The production of this is like a deadly ten ton hammer tearing through a skyscraper and then the hammer hits the ground and thrash every car and human being around, and leaves a bloody mess. It´s chaotic, it´s destructive and they give every poser around the globe a big, big middle finger in the air because they don´t just play and act chaotic. Mexico is a violent country and I guess this shows in their music climate too. You can´t pretend music this aggressive that totally lacks compromises and any ANY kind of melody These maniacs are for sure necro, evil and full of hell and I think you will hear this when you put this piece of world war 4 in your stereo or computer.


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