lördag 1 december 2012

FLESHRED "Bloodtorn"

Finland has a pretty great plethora of good grind and death metal bands, and this finnish band make their kind of death metal with a moderate part of grind. The foundation of their sound is based in the typical "Stockholm" or "swedish" sound. The tremolo picking technique, mixed with power chords you´re all aware of, with a lot of distortion in the production. Grave´s latest record sound quite the same as this one. I think it sounds quite fresh and not some bland copy of the copy. The grinding is a nice adding to their sound as it adds more brutality, yet they have lots of catchy riffs in almost every song. They don´t  need to grind to "cover" they can´t write good songs. I was a bit surprised I haven´t heard of them until 2 months ago. But you can´t hear them all, can you? What really got me into their music was their ability to make good songs and never lose the edge to the music. There is always a good hook or a nice heavy part. The guys in the band are good at what they do, I guess they don´t intend to play any kind of Yngwie leads or Flo Mounier stuff on the drums. They play death metal, not music from outer space. Right? I appreciate technical music, but there is always a place in my dark heart for classic death metal with no "look at me, I am the greatest fretboard athlete" tendencies.


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