torsdag 8 november 2012

GENOCIDE KOMMANDO "Black Metal Supremacy"

This french black metal band have now split up, this is their only record released. But it´s a good one. It´s not very original or unique but it has qualities you want from a black metal band. They play their style of violent  bm with  great conviction and since I like things speedy this is a great one for me. You have the "war feeling" in this music, like Marduk meets Endstille with a little twist. It´s not blasting the whole record, but it´s a lot of it and you can hear that the vocalist means every word he spews out from his bloody jaws of hate.The cold and grim (Yes, it´s a bm record) feeling is present all the time and that is what black metal is all about. The human apocalypse, the misery of mankind.  You have probably heard a lot of records approximately like this, but it´s not just about how you play, if you don´t bring forth the state of total downfall you have failed. But this record brings you devastation. If Black Witchery are the kings of destruction and hate and Marduk are the princes of the throne, these guys come pretty close among others.


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