onsdag 28 november 2012

COLD HARD TRUTH "Deliver The Fear"

What do we have here? It´s actually a record I have listened to a lot. Beatdown hardcore is a style I both despise and love. At the same time. I despise it ´cause it has that almost ridiculous "tough guy" feeling. The "We are the baddest motherfuckers in the universe, so don´t mess with us you bastard!" attitude. BUT this stuff is heavier and more mean than a lot of things out there. They blend new school thrash riffs with heavy as fuck hardcore/metalcore with a production that crushes your face instantly. If you imagine the feeling of being buried under cement and then scattered all over by a woodshipper. Maybe a bit brutally discribed, well you get musical torture here in its purest form. It hurts to listen to these UK maniacs, but at the same time it feels so damn good. They actually incorporate some death metal riffing too, it adds a bit of brutality to this godforsaken frenzy. Their vocalist has a tormented scream, sometimes he growls a bit too. It kind of blends into it eacher. A little bit of screaming, and than a little bit of hardcore growls. It´s not really death metal growls but pretty near. I think CHT and the US band Betrayal have come up with some of the heaviest shit lately in this genre. Actually I can´t find a lot of downsides here. Maybe the vocals could be a bit more clear sometimes and not so muddy. But that´s not a major problem here. This pretty much kills.


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