onsdag 14 november 2012

SICK OF IT ALL "Based On A True Story"

In my life there has been a certain of amount of hardcore/ metalcore involved since I was quite young.  I have always liked bands with more "core" and "metal" involved than "punk" in their sound. Sick of it all have always included some punk influences in their music, but the hardcore part has always been dominant. Pure hardcore has a rougher edge with more punch I think. This record is among the absolute best they have have ever released. I have always liked some of their songs, but not a whole record. Sometimes their is a lack of dynamics in their songs. A lot of songs on this record are aggressive and the sound and production is more "metallic" than bands like Pennywise and Bad Religion (Of course their music is also heavier and more mean, since they play hardcore and not surfpunk/so cal punk), . Lou Koller is one of the keys to their aggressive sound, his voice is nothing but pissed and angry the whole record. And he has a great "crunch" in his voice. Some kind of dirtiness and rawness. All over there are songs full of great hooks and a heavy sound, just the way I like it. There are also a lot of their trademark sing a long choirs which add a bit of catchiness. 24 years into their career they are as angry as ever. It´s always great to hear a band not just releasing albums for the money alone. (Well, I think nobody does today, the record business is dead, but you get the point?) This time they are almost as good on cd as they are on stage. There are more aggressive bands out there, but SOIA play their brand of hardcore pretty damn well. Horns up guys!


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