onsdag 26 december 2012

SUFFOCATION "As Grace Descends"

New York death metal legends Suffocation will be back in January with their new album entitled "Pinnacle of Bedlam". This track are among the ones you will be able to hear. What we have come to expect from these veterans are top notch musicianship and well done death metal with a lot things happening, without being technical just for the sake of it. The brutality has never got lost along the way just to impress the listeners, the punch and total heaviness is always there.This time around the drum phantom Dave Culross will do his best to destroy your ears and make you headbang relentlessly. He has returned from a long hiatus from this band and of course he is tight as hell as assumed. The song they let us "pre-listen" to is in the good old fashioned Suffocation way. The song is quite catchy , it contains of two mainriffs, one pummeling chord progression and the other riff is based on powerchords. As usual a lot is happening musically but the thread is never lost and the force and the incredible "slap in the face" riffing  is always present . You got the typical grind parts, the heavy parts and the great soloing. Frank Mullen does a good job, he has a deep growl but you can hear the lyrics if you listen carefully. Some people complained about the last record, they said it was a bit overproduced. I think they nailed it pretty good with this one quite clear but not crystalclear (and boring), though the bass isn´t that audible, you can hear it when you wear headphones but if you listen to the song in regular speakers I guess you won´t recognize it a lot. Well Derek Boyer is as you know a beast of the bass but I guess they wanted another soundscape this time. Maybe he will be more audible on the other songs. The other instruments sound good , I especially like the drums, their sound is nothing short of greatness empowered by one of the greatest drummers in death metal.


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