måndag 3 december 2012

DEAD BY APRIL "Incomparable"

What? I am reviewing Dead By April? Yes, I wanted to review this album because they have become ridiculously big in my homecountry and they claim themselves to be a metal band. The have been participating in a music contest called "Melodifestivalen" in Sweden, and their popularity has reached to levels I can´t understand. Almost every trendy kid with cool clothes and trendy haircuts listen to this lame computerized music with a small amount of guitar riffs included. Do they even play their instruments themselves? Ok, maybe their drummer does, that is a bit hard to fake. Prove me wrong. I would never mock a band that hasn´t got an audience or hadn´t sold some records, but this band has, quite a lot also. And their concerts are full of girls screaming their lungs out.  Well, they got one guy who sings clean, lame clean singing. And a guy who screams randomly, just for effect no purpose. They are all tattooed and having that "cool attitude" except the sweet guy behind the microphone who sings "lovely". This band was and is made just to get the attention from teenagers with no reason to seek music with soul and mind, but just music which is on the charts for some odd reason and tries to be "rough" .I guess they call it metal.... How on earth can this music be this popular? Well, I can´t find any reason at all actually. I don´t have anything against the guys personally but the music they play is soulless crap. This is not a vendetta, this is a true fact. I give them one point for having the perseverance to record this at all.


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