söndag 9 december 2012

DISFIGURED "Amputated Gorewhore"

Holy crap, their last record was a great showcase of death metal. But this new one, with a new vocalist is not that good. The music on this one is pretty similar compared to their debut, but the lyrics. Hey, what the fuck did you morons think about when you did this. I know there are some bands  writing shit about abusing women, but if you´re not deranged you can´t possibly like lyrics like that. Not if you are just a BIT mature and have some kind of sensible mind. "Raping a retard" for example has a intro when you can hear a woman getting raped. What the fuck is cool with that???? It makes me sick and I feel terribly bad when listening to that shit. There are also some other RETARDED intros in songs like "Vomit creampie surprise" (Yeah pretty "funny" songtitle, but nevertheless a sick and demented intro in a bad way). How can you mess up some quite well done death metal with such idiotic attitude guys?? Death metal should be about violence, violent lyrics are a part of death metal of course, as long as it doesn´t feel too much like the guys who writes the music are psychiatric patients in a mental hospital. It can also incorporate lyrics about satanic stuff like old Morbid Angel and the gruesome stuff  Cannibal Corpse writes about. But if there are just pathetic lyrics about abusing women all over the record, spit on that fucking band. Except this band I just spit on bands like Artery Eruption and Diminshed. They make me puke. Call me a feminist, I don´t care. I like death metal, not bad jokes like this.


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