lördag 15 december 2012

CRASHDIET "Cocaine Cowboys" 

They say sleaze is dead. Well, I don´t agree on that. The bands that have built up a strong reputation hasn´t died and withered. This first taste, the (cd)-single "Cocaine Cowboys" of Crashdiet´s new record, coming next year is a natural progression of their last record "Generation Wild". Massive production, strong choruses and well performed sleaze/hair metal/glam or whatever you wanna call it. Their "half-new" vocalist Simon Cruz has a solid voice, he fits this band perfectly with his often melodic voice and sometimes a bit rougher edge to it. I guess this will appeal to both guys and girls as usual. It´s  melodic, but with a "middle-finger-in-the-air" approach which I like. Both dirt and really great melodies. If this is what the rest of the record is gonna sound like, they still got the ability to write good songs with a lot of great body movin´ riffs and good sounding choirs. They give you exactly what you need to get your fix of modern melodic sleaze with a punch.


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