torsdag 20 december 2012

GAZA "No Absolutes In Human Suffering"

A band named after one of the most violent areas on earth, you think it´s gonna be a peaceful ride? No I didn´t think so either. I guess most people categorize this as some kind of "core", if it´s hardcore, noisecore with grind parts or something in between is up to you to decide. This music is for sure violent and dissonant all over and you can actually feel their agony through their music. I bet they are not some happy dudes having pool parties, probably they are members of some kind of gerilla squad fighting for human rights desperately. The sound of this music is so desperate, so dark and so massive at the same time. If you´re feeling down, depressed and lonely maybe you shouldn´t let this album rotate in your player, but if you´re in the mood of destroying something or upset your stupid neighbours put this on. It will work just fine.The music on this record sounds like something between the noiseheroes Converge and the  not so well known guys, the apocalyptic maniacs in Goatsblood, a bloody and pissed punch in solar plexus. You will get a mix of fast fury and gruesome slow passages, on top of that you get their vocalist who spits, screams and tells us he hates a lot in this rotten world. The production fits the music pretty well, it´s distorted and a bit muddy but nothing that feels out of place. The drumming is everywhere, typical for this kind of music. The guitars sound heavy but you don´t get the typical in your face metal tone, more like a distant thunder attacking you.


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