söndag 9 december 2012

PROFANATICA "Sickened by the holy host/The Grand Masters"

This is actually an EP, but it contains a lot of songs, from two different periods. This is some great rotten blackened death metal with a brutally sick twist. I´ve seen that most people call this black metal, but the riffing has as much in common with dm as it has with bm. It´s very raw sounding guitars with the bass very upfront in the mix which makes them sound a bit different than other bands in the same territory. The riffing is like a unholy and great mixture of Autopsy, Incantation and Father Befouled. Plenty of monotony which in this case is a good thing. The production is dirty but clear. On top of that you have the sickest voice I´ve heard in a while. Paul Ledney has a voice like if you would hear the dead screaming at you in your blackest nightmares, more filthy death metal growls than black metal shrieks. Or maybe Paul Ledney is the devil. As I mentioned before the music is based on death metal riffs, tremolopicking riffs and some power chords that sound very much death metal. Well, I could discuss this forever, but to me this is some putrid, raw, filthy death metal and not so much black metal. It has a black metal feeling though, cause it´s very primitive and unadorned.  The whole record is like a trip to the deepest pits of hell, and I enjoy the ride. Get your fix of unholy and totally twisted music. Get in to the world of Paul Ledney.


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