tisdag 4 december 2012

BEHEADED "Never To Dawn"

Malta´s premiere death metal band is back! 7 years after the highly appreciated "Ominous Bloodline" they hit us all with an intense offering with a little new influences. This time I can hear traces from bands like Gorgasm, Incinerate and even the german band Disbelief in some parts. You can also hear some melodies here and there, but these melodies aren´t "melodic" as in "weak sounding" if you get the point. Have they developed their sound? Yes, I would say that without a doubt. But without losing the brutality. For brutal it is. And it´s technical, a bit more than last time I guess. Death metal this brutal yet technical rarely has the intention to be very catchy, but impressive and headbangable. The songs are very complex and a bit hard "to swallow" the first times you listen to the cd. I have listened to it for a few days now, and it´s hard to pinpoint any direct flaws. It may take a while to really appreciate all this well arranged madness but what really got me this time is the production which is a lot better than their other records (more crunch and less mud) and their new vocalist Frank Calleja has a much better voice than the guy who did the cookie monster vocals on their previous record. I talked about the band Disbelief in the beginning, and if you listen to the song "Towards an abducted Sun" you will hear the similarities. You can also hear this in "Descent Into Sanguianary Seas". The last song "The Ancient Acumen" is very complex and you can hear they have  a slightly different approach on this one. Well worth waiting for this one. Excellent mix of brutality and complexity.


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