onsdag 19 december 2012

WEAPONS TO HUNT "Blessed In Sin"

Aad Kloosterwaard is one of Holland´s hardest working men among the death metal elite. This is the contuniation of  the band formerly known as Infinted Hate. I liked the old name a bit more than this one, maybe it takes a while to get used to it. If you´ve heard these guys other bands Sinister, Supreme Pain and Houwitser to mention a few,  I think you know what this is gonna sound like. Well, it´s nothing we haven´t heard before from Aad and friends. But he is a strong force within the dutch scene, and as usual he and his bandmates rarely releases a bad album. The guitars follows kind of the same formula as in his other bands, the same kind of fretting and riffs but as always the end result is always at least decent. The drumming is good and has a lot of pounding and fast rhythms. This debut album has a load of great riffs and the whole record is very entertaining. I am a total death metal worshipper and this album doesn´t make me bored at all. I guess that´s a good sign, since I´ve heard thousands of records through the years. What I really like about this is when we talk about members of dutch quality old school death metal bands you know you´ll never get any trendy stuff or supermega triggered drums, you get quality death metal with no intentions to be honeyed, too melodic or having clean sung parts. You can always hear Aad´s distinct voice as the outstanding part of the music, he has a quite unique voice, dry and harsh. Death metal this entertaining is a real treat. Listen and enjoy relentlessly.


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