tisdag 30 april 2013


In late 2011 I got my eyes on Svart Crown and their last record "Witnessing The Fall" and was impressed by their ferocity in the same vein as Behemoth and other eastern country bands with their typical harsh sound . This time we have a bit more diverse album, which isn´t easy to take in the first times you listen to it. You can´t call them a clone of the modern death metal sound, they have more aces upon their sleeves. The sound is somewhat cold and mechanical as polish Hate has used in some of their later records, combined now and then with frenetic parts actually very much alike the american noise heroes Converge(!) The chaotic and desperate feelings are there and give the songs a more brutal and suggestive vibe. So if you´re a death and black metal purist these parts doesn´t appeal to you, but since I am a pure death and black metal fan I actually find these parts refreshing and like an extra spice upon this slab of brutality. The vocalist JB Le Bail uses both deep growls and high shrieks. He uses both a more black metal style kind of shrieks and a style more common in chaotic grind and noisecore bands. The least adapting word to this release must be "generic", because their are so much going on here. You have apocalypitc spooky parts, grinding madness and slow heavy parts. Before you know it the slow part has become a grinding nightmare ready to destroy everything in sight. Like I said before, it can take a while to really, really take in this record but once you´ve done it, it´s like a tornado of great sounding innovative metal coming at you fast and without mercy. The production could be more dirty and some of the chaotic parts could have been excluded in favour of more traditional death and black metal, otherwise I find this one really amusing and like Svart Crown will have a bright future.


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