torsdag 4 april 2013

LOST SOCIETY "Fast Loud Death"

Aren´t we tired of old school thrash bands coming out of every country like a disease? Actually not, at least when it is this well played with blistering solos and frentetic riffing from some youngsters that seemed to have listened to all the great bands from the golden time of thrash metal. I am actually quite stunned that this four-piece create such blistering music, since Finland isn´t exactly a country where thrash bands have popped out everywhere. These kids (The eldest one is 19) play like there´s no tomorrow and after what I´ve seen on youtube they act like a young Kreator or Sepultura on stage too and their vocalist is a guy who spits, roars and screams in every way he can. The songs on this disc released by Nuclear Blast is a really entertaining ride with so much speed, so much frenzy and the joy of playing intense thrash metal that you can almost feel the vibe if you try. If you take pieces of Exodus and the totally amazing brazilian thrash band Deathraiser and combine that with Destruction and hints of the craziness of S.O.D and the fun factor of  Tankard and Municipal Waste, than you have this great finnish band. If I should compare this to a newer record I will mention the first exploding riff fest of Bonded By Blood. That record is intense and so is this, add to that songs that stick into your head.
Of course some lyrics are juvenile and so it should be, kids don´t care that much about politics and stuff, do they?  The only downside is that there are some songs that should have been excluded, because of the lack of intensity, but 2 songs that are not great out of 15 songs are not a lot to complain about. But the first record shall not be perfect, there shall be things to improve. One thing I like as an longtime Kiss fan is the "I Stole Your Love Cover" at the end of the record. It´s not top notch, but it´s decent and they make it pretty much their own song instead of just copying everything in it.
Well, this is some very good "fist up in the air thrash". Prepare to catch em live whenever you can!


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