torsdag 25 april 2013

GUTTURAL SECRETE "Nourishing The Spoil"

American brutal death metal has grown very big over the last 10 years. Bands are coming just out of everywhere, Guttural Secrete is among the more hyped bands around when it comes to bashing my head to pieces and write lyrics about topics you won´t mention to your mother. I think the brutal death genre has become very stale and generic lately with a very few good bands releasing albums worth hearing. It´s always the same kind of awful pig squeal vocals and guitars sounding like they were recorded underground in a cave full of mud. The riffing is mostly neither very interesting, just chugging, palm muted riffs in a pile with no direction, or technical stuff just for the sake of being technical. Fuck that. Well, Guttural Secrete actually impress me a little bit this time, the lyrics are still the usual gory, bloody demented, gruesome, twisted and sick stuff. But the music and production this time is pretty catchy, and quite technical without sacrificing the dynamics. But the biggest improvement is definitely the vocals, you can almost here what Jeremiah Blue Jensen growls about most of the time. A vocalist that is good, can actually make a band twice as good. If the music is well performed and the vocalist is very crappy and without any kind of uniqueness I will probably don´t give a shit about the band. Well, let´s about the music again, they use quite a lot of pinch harmonics this time. Not all the time, but every now and then. Besides that it´s pretty basic death metal riffing with a bunch of great hooks this time. If you don´t mind sicker that sick lyrics and are used to throaty vocals I think Guttural Secrete´s latest can give you some good moments. Acutally I hoped I was going to really hate this record, cause their last record wasn´t something I have listened to more than twice. Can I pinpoint something bad about this record then? Yes, actually. Even if I like the record, I need more dynamics and memorable riffs all over. Any contradictions here? Yes, sometimes I am not easy to understand folks.


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