onsdag 17 april 2013

IMPIOUS BAPTISM "Wrath of the Apex Predator"

Within the extreme metalscene it has become pretty common with one-man and two-piece bands. This one-man slayingmachine comes from Australia, and since we all have come to really like the famous australian "warsound" through bands like Abominator and Bestial Warlust and also american bands like Angelcorpse and Perdition Temple among others we all gonna bang our heads to this great cd. Multi instrumentalist "J" (he plays everything including the drums, and he also growls) gives us a fusion between the aforementioned bands and dirty crude death metal in the vein of Nominon and longtime unknown legends Abominant on Deathgasm Records. It´s not a neverending chaos with no slower parts, it´s a very well created musical experience including both hate, anger and occult messages. Add to that flawless musicianship when it comes to creating well sounding songs with substance and charisma . You can hear that this guy didn´t start creating brutal music yesterday. You have an album full of ultraviolence but also parts with a gloomy dark atmosphere that builds up the scenario of total deprevation (in a good way of course, metalheads!) and downfall of mankind. I really like the contrast between the wall of grinding drums with a production similar to "controlled chaos" mixed with the extremely well balanced death metal parts with a lot of great riffing and awesome hateful vocals. If you don´t have a clue what this sounds like after reading this, I bet you´re not a extreme metal fan, but everyone else obey this piece of unholy and very meaty steak of black and death metal.


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