tisdag 23 april 2013


This is gonna hurt, like Nikki Sixx would´ve said. German death metal in a good old fashioned way, some would call them copycats but I don´t. The sound is very similar to newer releases by Asphyx, including the voice of Mahne, he almost sounds like he IS a very angry Martin Van Drunen with a little touch of John Tardy of Obituary. Is this a bad thing? There is the original band and Asphyx have released a couple of good albums, but when the songs are this well performed and the riffs and the production are so very intense you can´t do nothing but bow to the end result. This riff fest is very hard not to like, since almost every song is like glue in my brain. Brainglue. Except the excellent riffing, the sound of this record combined with the great vocalist makes this record a very great one.
They mix that old school feeling with a fresh vibe, it sounds old but at the same time new and so full of power. The whole soundscape of this record is powerful and damn it´s so violent yet catchy and easy to digest. Yes, I have reviewed a lot of good records lately, maybe I will review a very bad one soon. Anyway, this is gonna hurt, and it´s gonna hurt good. Let us all listen to great german death metal in the vein of Asphyx!


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