tisdag 26 mars 2013

DEVOURMENT "Conceived in Sewage"

These americans have songs about everything you love and adore. Right? Well, maybe not. But anyway this time the crazy maniacs in Devourment have come up with a slab of very listenable brutal/slam death metal.
I find dynamics in a lot of the songs, which is so very important in this style of music, and real songs instead of just riffs in a pile with no direction. I have found many of their records being dull and just having disgusting gore drenched lyrics to cover up for lousy songs. The riffs they come up with this time seem to be less repetetive and much more focused on layers of great riffing and a great production on top of that.  Of course the songs are are heavy as a tank and brutal as a desperate soldier in world war 2.(Yes, there are faster and more extreme bands out there, I know) But none of the riffs or songs seem to be out of place and as a sucker for good death metal with a lot of punch I get a lot of it here. I also want to mention that Mike Majewski is a much better vocalist than Ruben Rojas. At least if you like to hear some kind of words and not just some blurry noise coming out the mouth. So this very hyped band finally deserves a good grade. This is not among the top five albums of the year, but it´s a good record, no doubt about it. My favourite song of this record is "Legalize Homicide" and the rest of them come pretty close.


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