torsdag 21 mars 2013

HATEBREED "The Divinity of Purpose"

Jamey Jasta? Is he and his men still interesting? Hell Yeah! This is among the most vital and fresh moshing up tempo songs I´ve heard in a while. I have liked most of their records more or less, and this is no exception. They have reached almost crazy fame in the states and they are not far behind in Europe due to endless touring and of course good music and promotion. I also guess that a lot of their stardom have to do with their charismatic frontman and the fact that they never release a dull album. Even if it´s not the most innovative music you´ve heard it is always hard not to bang your head and swing your hips (?!) when you hear the extremely catchy choruses Hatebreed bring to the masses year after year. Of course the production of the guitars is fatter than ever and Jamey is in great shape. He is for real and he likes death metal, a hardcore screamer who likes death metal is for real. Of course I appreciate a guy who likes death metal and stands up for the weak. It´s pretty hard to pinpoint any favouritesongs, since many of the songs kicks so much ass. This is Hatebreed at their best.


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