torsdag 14 mars 2013

MORTILLERY "Origin of Extinction"

Thrash metal with a female vocalist is quite rare. I have heard a few bands, and some are good. This canadian band has the right attitude, some great riffs and a pretty punky approach. I have nothing against female vocalists, if a vocalist is good he/she is good no matter what gender. Unfortunately Cara McCutchen has a voice that is a bit too weak for my taste. She screams and spits the lyrics in our faces in her best way possible, but when she sings clean it´s too lame sounding I think. The production is very organic and a bit thin, maybe a bit more crunchy instruments and a bit more brutality in her voice would do great. The songs "Creature Possessor" and "Sunday Morning Slasher" are amazing with a lot of vocallines and riffs to kill for, but the rest is a bit bland.  Give me some more punch overall and the next record will be something more interesting. You have all the ingridents to succeed, so give me a slap in the face next time guys and girls.


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