fredag 15 mars 2013

HATCHET "Dawn Of The End"

Californian thrashers in Hatchet releases their second fullenght album, packed with crisp sounding guitars and great solos. These guys guys nail it really well this time. Not as wild as the first album by Bonded By Blood but kind of similar to Death Angel´s sound with a few other influences such as Testament and a more straight forward Heathen.The sound is somewhere between rough and melodic. Enough thrash to please most fanatics and enough melodies to please most metalfans. I like the voice of Julz Ramos, his voice is somewhere between David Sanchez of Havok and Mark Osegueda of Death Angel. You get a lot of great riffing here and a production that is clear but with plenty of rough edges. The overall feeling is top notch musicianship with a lot to offer in terms of good songwriting not lacking almost anything you could want from a semi melodic thrashband. If you wanna check an up and coming band, check these guys out.


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