lördag 9 februari 2013

DIMINISHED "Origin Of Apocalypse"

These "mature" kids with album covers worthy a juvenile teenager who hasn´t had sex yet, releases an album with a bit more serious approach. The album cover this time isn´t something shitty, but quite great looking. It´s not very unique, but ok.The music is unfortunately not that interesting. Some mix of brootal slam death, semi technical death metal and grind. I have heard this so many times before, lack of ideas maybe? Just put some random slam parts together with a quite boring riff cascade and the generic pig vocals and you got the formula. But what the hell, if you are trying to be more serious and better(?) why do you use that awful pig squeal? It´s so fucking irritating and ruins the whole record. I don´t get the picture, "Let´s do a more serious record, but let´s keep the shitty vocals!" Many american so called "brootal bands" use vocals that are just plain boring and not worth listening to, it´s hard to growl really good but practice makes perfect! Now and then the guy on vocals change his voice to the better, but why not change the vocal style totally? Learn how to growl decent, then write some interesting songs with killer riffs and a razorsharp production. This record is not total crap but I think they can do so much better if they use their imagination and if they like to combine slam with regular death metal, listen to the latest record by the almighty Dehumanized. That record is amazing. Both vocalwise and musicwise! Show me what you got next time guys, and give me some real death metal.


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