fredag 22 februari 2013

MORTAL SIN "Psychology Of Death"

I had the pleasure to see Mortal Sin on their last tour in late 2011. I am grateful I did, cause now they have split up. Mortal Sin appeared first on LP in 1986, when thrash metal was hot and new. But I think they disappeared among all the great bands back then. I have always liked their energetic thrash with elements of both old Metallica,Testament and Exodus but with their own unique sound. Especially the "Face of Despair" record was a favourite of mine. On this record they sound very vital and hungry. Mat Maurer is the locomotive that keeps the engine running here. Among all the amazing thrash riffs he sounds like a very eager young man, doing the best of his abilities to show the world he´s a very good vocalist that fits this vicious thrash masterpiece. Yes, it´s that good. It´s not the best record I´ve heard, but you could say they end on top with this. The production is fatter than a very fat cow and the instruments cut through wood. Old school thrash is not the word I would use about this record but a very good modern thrash record with influences from the past and the present, all blended together to a perfect mix of catchy metal music. A forgotten(?) record but nonetheless very very good. A few more stunning riffs and the grading would be top  notch.


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