måndag 29 juli 2013

FUELED BY FIRE "Trapped In Perdition"

The third record from a band is always critical. "Will we be left in the shadows or will we tour the world?" one could think. Fueled By Fire started as the typical "kill the poser" band with their "Spread The Fire" record, they relased their superb "Plunging Into Darkness" quite recently due to some delays.That one had a darker approach and was a bit more serious. This one is even more serious with a very dark atmosphere. The first track "Catastrophe" has by the way a mainriff that is very similar to "Defensive Personalities" by the almighty Death. The production and especially the guitarsound is pretty similar to "Spiritual Healing" but with a modern touch. It continues with both death and thrash metal riffing and whole lot of attitude and personality, the vocals are still thrash (as fu*k) though. The much more darker songs (and lyrics) can first be a bit hard to take in, if you are used to the earlier works. But don´t be let down in sorrow my friend, this one grows if you listen to the record as a thrash/death record and don´t care about what you think it would sound like. There are a lot of great riffing here and the solos are amazing! The record as a whole feels very genuine and solid. I guess my favorite tracks so far are "Suffering Entities", "Profane Path" and "Defaced Mortality" with its heavy opening riff. Listen also to "Forsaken Deity" which has an opening riff that is not exactly similar but has chord progressions that remind of "Twisted Truth" by Pestilence.  My opinion is that this record is not as great as the last one, but I still like it a lot.


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