fredag 12 juli 2013

HATRIOT "Heroes Of Origin"

This must be the ultimate metal family! Ex vocalist och Exodus and Testament, Steve Souza unleashes a sharp old school thrashfest with his two sons. Pretty unique in the metalworld. I stumbled across this band in a swedish mag where Massacre Records had an ad. I decided to check em out. And man, I wasn´t disappointed. Steve may be old but he sounds as pissed as ever, and his bandmates beats the shit out of their instruments, though very tightly played and there are plenty of catchy hooks everywhere. They are quite similiar to Exodus in sound, but hey do you mind? I remember when I heard "Impact is Imminent" and "Fabolous Disaster" for the first time ( a long time ago) and Steve sounds exactly the same today, weird, crazy and full of that throaty raspy voice which is almost impossible to imitate.(Well, Bobby in Overkill has kind of same voice, but he doesn´t sound this mad)As I said before I hear a lot of great riffs here, and the guitars sound like monsters, crunchy and crisp. A lot of good leads too. Well, the drummer Nick Souza is a tight guy when it comes to bash the skins of his drums, it´s thrash metal so it´s not overly technical but very good and with a lot of attitude and punch, he even grinds now and then.  The production overall is very good, not too clean and not too muddy. I like almost every song on this album, but among the highlights are "Suicide Run", "Weapons of Class Destruction", Murder American Style", "The Violent Time of My Dark Passenger" and "The Mechanics of Annihilation". You got a time of murderous riffing ahead of you. Don´t hesitate, this is great thrash metal! And by they way, look out Exodus..


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