fredag 9 augusti 2013

BLOOD RED THRONE "Blood Red Throne"

When it comes to death metal Norway hasn´t been very successful, Sweden has been much more in the forefront. But anyway Blood Red Throne is one of the exceptions, they have slayed and tortured since 1998 and they still do. Lately "Souls of Damnation" and "Come Death" have appealed to me a lot. Crunch, hooks and speed have been their trademarks. In 2011 they changed label to Sevared Records, known for their bands with gory and perverse covers. Well, "Brutalitarian Regime" didn´t impress me a lot(Even if the cover actually is cool). It was too generic and not much happened in the songs. Now they are back with a blastfest and a new vocalist who uses both "highs" and "lows" in a very good way. He sounds very demented when he shrieks (that´s a good thing, it´s death metal huh?), and growls decent, not phenomenal but way better than most of the label´s bands vocalists. This record is a beast that really hits you hard and goes for the throat. You have both heavy parts and incredible blastbeat hammering. The good thing about this record is that I can´t get enough of the songs, I always want to hear more, cause they are very diverse and never get boring. You can hear that these fellas are experienced musicians with a passion to destroy in a very pleasent way. Crushing riffs, great solos and a production that is very good, it´s dirty but you can hear all the instruments, at least you can hear the bass if you wear headphones. Now and then the bass is more audible (even withouth headphones), and that´s always a good thing. Even if it´s not Erlend Casperssen playing the bass. You get the most out of this record if you want bonegrinding death metal with a lot of attitude, this is death metal, not tech death, thank you guys. It´s very well played but not in a whanky way. The play raw and dirty death metal, but it doesn´t sound "old" it sounds fresh and vital all the way.


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