lördag 28 september 2013

ABORTED "Global Flatline"

I saw Aborted live yesterday, it was very explosive and very tight. Just as it should be. Did I like it? Well, it was intense and professional but I lacked a bit of that important death metal feeling, it was a little too much of the new stuff displayed including slams and metalcore/Gothenburg dm influences. All these things together never satisfies me, I like it alone(not Gothenburg death metal) but a death metal band that incorporate all those styles don´t do it for me. On this new record, mr vocalist mixes those "Black Dahlia Murder" vocals with pig squeals and a voice somewhere in between. A band that started their career with a record like "The Purity Of Perversion" and nowadays look like a hardcore band except for the drummer and one of the guitarists just isn´t my thing. The look of the band come to life in the music too. Maybe I am a bit of a purist, but for me the whole death metal thing is about music AND image, can you imagine a band like Immolation playing in shorts and beanies? Not me. Well the music on this disc is not bad, but as I said before you gotta decide what to sound like and what to look like and build your image around these criterias. You got a lot of songs with twists, turns and great grinding but I guess the songs appeal better to the kids than to me? When I want metalcore/thrashcore (or whatever you wanna call it) I put All Out War in my player, and when I want death metal I listen to Incanation and so on. Give me a real death metal record next time guys, you got all the skills to do do it!


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