lördag 28 september 2013

ABOMINANT "Onward To Annihilation"

Yes, this is what I like. Deathgasm Records rarely disappoints, and one of their best bands, yet sadly underrated are Abominant, these guys are what they say they are. "Fuckin´ Old School" Nothing fancy, no metalcore, no clean vocals. Just dirty, raw death metal played in a quite simple but skillful way. The music just oozes of the good old days, like you had stopped the time in the late eightes/early nineties. The production is also a bomb, heavy yet clear. Speaking of the songs, the only song that sets apart from the rest is "Hold Your Ground" which could be on any Exciter album, those high shrieks included. Pretty cool and unexpected. Otherwise you get your fix of unholy and stunning death metal with a lot of attitude. I don´t like all these bands from the stoneage but some of them surely know how to write killer riffs all the way, it´s like magic. Either you have it or you don´t. These guys got the whole concept, great name, great logo, great album titles, chunky riffs and that old rotten image with either no hair or long hair, mostly dressed in shirts with bands that (almost) nobody knows about. They mean every single note and word they express, this is real quality. This is death metal. Yes, real death metal for the diehards, not for those Black Dahlia Murder kids. Obey and listen to this guys and girls, men and women!


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