torsdag 9 maj 2013


What happened to this band? They were a decent death metal with a sound like Nile some years ago. What now? A mix of junglemetal a la Soulfly and horrific techno, add to that goth sounding music(I even hear some samples from an ICE T song, with ICE T himself screaming I guess).The death metal is still there though, and the death metal passages are well sounding, like Nile as they used to sound. But these moments are too few.They also got strange songtitles like "Drugs, Thugs and Machetes", pretty innovative but not my cup of tea if you´re a serious metalband. You either play death metal, techno or some metal a la Soulfly. Not all combined!! Did they possibly get some inspiration from the latest crazy motherfucker of a record by Morbid Angel? No this is not good, this is just messed up. Decide what to play next time, I won´t give this piece of music a lot of running time. That is a true fact. This time you failed guys. Best song: "Gods Amongst Insects", because this one is the closest they get to the old good TMD sound. Because of some good moments and a pretty cool albumcover among all the crazy cacophony I give this one...


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