lördag 11 maj 2013

IMMOLATION "Kingdom Of Conspiracy"

The New Yorkers with the vocalist Ross Dolan (the guy with the loooongest hair in the business) and Robert Vigna as the leaders of this everlasting death metal machine give us their latest album of intricate riffing and weird tempo changes. Yes, you got it, you will never hear clean singing or keyboards from these guys. From the "Dawn of Possession" album in 1991, to these days they have evolved through the years brilliantly. I can only remember that "Here In After" didn´t impress me that much. Otherwise they have always delivered full throttle, dark, heavy, intense and unique death metal. Always technical but not so technical you feel it´s a competition in who plays most notes per second. You will always hear that it is Immolation. Their riffing and the voice of the almighty Ross Dolan is terrific. I count him in my "big 4" among guys like John Tardy, Erik Rutan and David Vincent. His voice is darker than most vocalists and so powerful,  you can also hear everything he growls about if you listen carefully. This time around they give us lyrics about the world downfall, we´re all victims of the system that controls us. Smart and thought out lyrics about this scary place called earth, and not so much about questioning religion. The production is kind of similar to "Majesty And Decay". Heavy and crunchy, yet clear. Maybe I want some more dirt in the production, than it would be perfect. What can I say about the musicianship? Not much flaws here either, they know what they do and they do it damn well. The riffs crawl under your skin like snakes and the atmosphere created is utter tasteful darkness as usual. What I want is even more memorable songs, but Immolation is not really the kind of band that gives you catchy songs, it´s more like they give us a neverending scary nightmare filled with horror and riffs delivered directly by the devil himself. The songs flow together very smoothly even without songs with a "hit factor". They got the ability to give us quality music that you wanna listen to over and over again, because of the tremendous amout of power and great spooky soundscapes like they were from another world. Big words? Yes, but I think they are that unique.The only real flaw I can find is the new logo they have used for a while, the old one is much better. Anyway, Immolation equals QUALITY.


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